Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Marilyn Jean Jameson Mussetter

You are 85 years young today my lovely grandmother.
I love you and miss seeing you at Indian Lake. Those fish are not the same without you there. Registered & Protected

Brakeall/Breakall Delimma

So a year and a half later I am ready to go back to the Clinton County Courthouse and look more into the Frank Brakeall birth discrepancy. I've looked at the census records again...more than once. The 1870 census shows a Frank Brakeall who at the time was 1/12 years old. ( 1 mo. old) in the Martin B and Rebecca A Brakeall household. The 1880 census shows no Frank Brakeall in the household, who would be at least age 9-10 years old. The 1890 census, most of us know it's very limited and in this case, there is nothing to search. Then we have the 1900 census that show Frank Brakeall son of Martin and Ann R. born June 1886, which would make him 13 years old.

So the dilemma is what happened to the Frank Brakeall in the 1870 census (will have to search death records in Clinton County). I have a copy of the birth record of Frank Brakeall for June 20 1886.

There are many who put in their tree that 1870 is his year of birth and not verifying this information is incorrect and should be looked at.

My plan is to go research in Clinton County on Tuesday, July 5th. PTO time is great. I have a four day weekend coming and will get out the research and notes. Registered & Protected