Thursday, January 14, 2010

Charles Alfred Jameson

I've changed the look of my Blog to include a picture in the header of my Great Grandfather Charles Alfred Jameson.

It is one of my favorite pictures.

Charles Alfred Jameson:

born 29 July 1897

died 28 Sep 1974

Parents are Samuel M. Jameson and Emma Almeda Tharr

Charles married Clara Rachel Carnes 25 Jan 1919

their children are:

Arthur Elwood Jameson

Marilyn Jean Jameson Mussetter

Patricia Agnes Jameson Allamon

Robert Alfred Jameson

Ivan Lee Jameson


Janet Iles said...

I like your new look.

M said...

Thank you so much!

Brenda said...

I've been searching online for my ancestry (my dad has done a lot of research and I'm trying to find any additional information). I stumbled across your site. Charles would be my great-grandfather as well. I am Arthur Jameson's granddaughter (through daughter Sandra). It's neat to see a picture of Charles as he died not long after I was born. I do remember Great Grandma Clara!


M said...

Hi Brenda!

I love the picture of him as a little boy. I loved visiting great grandma at her little apartment in Xenia.

So Arthur would be brother to my Grandma Marilyn. Who happens to be 85 years old today. :)

MamaSongbird said...

I just came across your website again! I guess I need to bookmark it! :)
I remember Aunt Marilyn!
I was about 9 when grandma Clara died, but I remember visiting her as well (John Sale Manor).
I would love to compare information on the family. Please feel free to e-mail me @


M said...

John Sale Manor, that brings back memories of visits to great grandma there. :)