Saturday, December 12, 2009

Successful Research

Well, I was definately successful in my research! I even did the research and found the information the very same day I posted last, just didn't take the time to update til now. I was too excited and had to share with my Aunt Tanya. But here I am to relate what I found.

My father has an Aunt Marguerite Blair who died young. I've been told she never married and there was not much information regarding her. I could never find a Marguerite listed in the census records with the family, the only name that could have possibly been her would have been Sarah M. listed in the Census for 1920 as 6 years old and being born approximately 1914. I checked the 1920 census and it had been taken Jan. 1920, so Sarah would have turned 7 a month later. I believe she is the eldest of the 9 children. Her parents Robert and Bessie (Fowler) Blair were married May 25th 1912 and she was born almost nine months to the day later on February 27th 1913.
I had checked Ohio for death records to no avail. On a hunch I decided to check the Kentucky death records at To my surprise there was a Marguerite Blair Herrington listed as death date of Oct. 4 1932, parents were listed as Robert and Bessie Blair and married to a Frank Herrington! I was so excited I couldn't believe what I had found. All this time we thought she never married. I made a copy and sent it off to my Aunt Tanya. She was excited and could not believe the fact that she was married also. Which makes me wonder now if the siblings were told this or if they were just to young to remember. I also wonder now about the marriage and if there were any children of the marriage. Somehow I think not, but it is a matter that will have to be researched. I need a marriage license now. So off to do some more research regarding Sarah Marguerite Blair Herrington!
See ya 'round the bend! :)

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