Sunday, October 19, 2008

Genealogy and Dead Relatives...

I have been researching my family history for a long time...approximately 15 to 20 years there about. I deal with researching birth, marriage and death certificates. I love Graveyards and visiting them. I enjoy learning different things about family members that I have known and have never known. Finding and sharing information with others is a joyous experience. Finding dead relatives is a fun hobby. I am happy to add the information into my FamilyTree Maker program. I will always love my hobby.

However, as much as I love my hobby and will never stop working on my family history; it has changed drastically for me. Never did I ever think about having to put information into my family tree that has affected me so much. The death of a child (young adult) who is so close to you is the most heartwrenching experience to ever have to do. I did not want to do it. It took at least a month or so for me to open up my family tree file and have to enter that information. My heart was breaking and I cried as I was entering it.

My Nephew was just 19 years old, too young to be entered into my family tree yet. I have other family members that were teenagers when they died and I have entered that information. They would have been my age had they lived and I hope we would have kept in touch, but they were in other states at that time and we hadn't seen each other in years. The had passed away years before I started my genealogy hobby, it was just natural to enter their information into my family tree. But to enter my nephew into the tree just didn't seem right or natural, he should not be in there. He should be here spending time with his parents and siblings at the lake every weekend enjoying the time they always shared.

One thing will always be true he lived his life like his favorite motto:

Dream as if you'll live forever, Live as if you'll die today...
We miss you and we'll always love you... Registered & Protected