Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Those Death Certificate Copies

So I received them finally and from what I can tell so far they are not directly related to my Michael Lorenzo...they could be distant, but that is hard to tell without any more information concerning Michael's family members.
As I was searching through my Ancestry.com site, I found someone who has listed his birth place as Matrice, Campobasso, Italy...how accurate that is I do not know...I sent an email to this person but have not received a reply... :(
I'm still hoping for one, but it's been about a week and half now...this person had no parents listed for him though...I do have his death certificate with that information and would gladly give a copy to anyone that would like to have it.
Where they received the birth place information is what I would like to know...his death certificate just states Rome. Obviously this information was given by his wife at the time, but someone who lists Matrice, Italy I would like to know where that information came from...my best option at this point is to figure out how to research the records for that area of Italy without having to go there...
I think the Family History center would be the first place to start and I will be going there on Friday, since I will be off and will have some free time to spare. I would love to go back to the Records and Archive center in Xenia, but I need to get the Family History center done as a top priority.

Well, until then....!