Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hitting the inevitable Brickwall

It is inevitable that during Genealogical Research you WILL hit this legendary "wall" known as the Brickwall.

I have many in my research...

Michael David Lorenzo is probably the hardest for me right now...
he came from Italy and married Rachel Agnes Gardner from Ohio.

They married in 1893, and for the life of me I cannot find a record
of marriage for them. I cannot find a naturalization record for Michael
either. It is told that he hid away on a boat from Italy to America, so
there is probably no record of him on a ships list...

Census records indicate that he was Naturalized in 1895, but I cannot
find this particular record.

Ancestry has been a great help for me in my research and I keep checking
this site almost daily for anything that might be new or that I have possibly
overlooked in my researches.

But I trod along and will one day find what I am looking for.

Until next time...Livin life in the past lane!


Jim said...

May I steal that line? "living life in the past lane" is to die for.
Uncle Jim

M said...

you are more than welcome!! :)